Nat Coalson Home PageOver the past several months, I’ve been making major updates to my web site, blog and email systems. I’m pleased to unveil the new version of and the companion blog, now titled eyeLevel.

Welcome to the new digs!

All my goals for the updates are designed to give you a more fun experience: easier, more engaging, more interesting.

Plus, I’ve been creating lots of new artworks and useful web site content.

Here’s a roundup of the most important changes so far.

Responsive design

The web site now automatically adapts to any screen size, including mobile devices. An updated screen layout and navigation design makes finding and enjoying content—especially images—much easier.

Online ordering

You can now purchase fine art prints using our online ordering system. At this time, prints of images in the Destinations archives and the Travel Photography and Nature Photography portfolios can be ordered online with delivery direct to your door!

(The abstract collections will soon be added to the online system.)

New work and updates to artwork collections

Along with the new site itself, I’ve been creating lots of new artwork and images. From abstract mixed media on canvas to fine art photography, travel and nature images … my online collections are literally growing every day!

Here are quick links to a few of my collections with brand new imagery:

Browse the galleries to discover all the new work. You’re sure to find images you love!

New resources for interior designers

Free Design Guide: Mixing Art & Matching MoodsAs you may know, my main focus is creating imagery for hospitality properties, especially hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants. If you’re a designer decorating a spa, cruise ship or private yacht, my work fits very well in these environments.

I’ve started work on a new Resources section on the web site, where I offer free information, tips, techniques and tools for designers and art collectors working with art.

The first resource in the new section is a Design Guide titled ‘Mixing Art & Matching Moods’. It provides tips and techniques you can use to make designing with art easier, more fun and more successful.

Keep an eye on this space – I will be adding much more content to the Resources section over the summer.

Blog update

eyeLevel is the new name for my blog and email newsletters, but my goal remains the same: to bring you frequent, useful updates on art, design and photography.

If you love

  • fine art
  • interior design
  • photography and digital imaging

…and the exciting convergence of these disciplines, eye [ level ] is the place to be!

In fact, you’re seeing the updated design right now. But some of the changes are beneath the surface and may not be immediately apparent. I’m reorganizing the content and categories to make my blog archives and articles much easier to work with. These improvements are ongoing, so stay tuned!

A living, breathing web organism

This is just the beginning. Going forward we’ll be rolling out new features to provide more exciting, customized content just for you. Sign up to receive email updates to get all the latest delivered to your inbox. And be sure to update your profile, including your preferences for the types of content you like to read.

A gift for you

To celebrate the launch of the new web site and blog I’m offering a 10% discount on all orders placed in the new online system. Just enter the coupon code SUMMER2014 during checkout.

And as always, I welcome your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions.



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