Abstract Photography: Artigianale IV: The Sultan's Mystique by Nat Coalson

I made this fine art abstract photograph deep in the underground cellars of a historic building in Barcelona, Spain.

Prominent visual features include bright fields of warm gold and copper hues punctuated by subtle grid patterns. A large square, formed of smaller blocks, creates a strong focal point.

A truly exotic image, this evokes emotions of warmth and nostalgia, a comfort in familiar memories of good times in the past and a gentle reassurance that intrinsic beauty is timeless. Even when old, crumbling and tarnished, the pride of craftsmanship and an appreciation of the finer things in life remain.

Contemporary interiors such as hotels and luxury private residences come alive with the enchanting beauty of this abstract imagery.

You can own this artwork as a mixed media Original on canvas, which I lovingly embellish by hand using acrylic paints and metallic foils.

Also available as a fine art print in any size and on any material. Licensing for digital display may also be considered.

Click the image or click here for a larger preview.

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