September 27, 2012

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Nat Coalson Creates Commissioned Artwork for Clear Channel Outdoor Headquarters

Corporate art installation captures brand essence of industry leader

PHOENIX, AZ, USA—September 2012—Colorado- and UK-based artist Nat Coalson has created six bespoke wall-hanging artworks for Clear Channel Outdoor’s new corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. A global leader in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry, Clear Channel Outdoor America (CCOA) commissioned Mr. Coalson to produce the custom photographic art featuring structures selected from the company’s inventory of outdoor displays in locations around the world. The new artworks are photo-montage composites, created from multiple digital photographs, then reproduced as large-format inkjet prints on canvas and mounted in custom-built aluminum frames. The fine art prints are installed in locations throughout two floors of the CCOA office space.

When designing the new headquarters, CCOA identified the requirement for custom artwork to depict the products they offer and the client base they serve while adhering to well-established brand standards. Because CCOA provides state-of-the-art, innovative solutions for their clients, it was determined early in the planning phase that a traditional approach (using documentary-style photography) was not appropriate for the project. Instead, Mr. Coalson was commissioned to create eye-catching, visually exciting art in a decidedly abstract style that yet provides enough detail to convey a strong, unique brand image. Early client briefs explained, “[We’re] trying to look at these displays differently and add some visual interest to the structure.”

To produce the series, Mr. Coalson photographed billboards and other advertising structures at locations in Los Angeles, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Using high-resolution digital cameras, including Hasselblad H4D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II systems, Mr. Coalson produced nearly 1,500 photographs over four days of shooting in the two cities. Throughout the location shoots, the clients received online proofs of all work in progress.

Following completion of location shooting, CCOA team leaders selected the structural photographs to be used for each of the finished artworks. The chosen images were then paired with photographic backgrounds featuring iconic landmarks selected from CCOA’s key markets across the U.S. Using Adobe® professional imaging software, including Photoshop® and Photoshop® Lightroom®, Mr. Coalson used a process known as digital compositing to seamlessly merge the billboard structures with the background plates. To complete each composite, Mr. Coalson added actual advertising imagery from CCOA’s client archives onto the billboard face.

After the final composite images were approved by the client, Mr. Coalson transferred the extremely large, high-resolution print files to CCOA’s hosting server. Internet file transfer was crucial for this project, as Mr. Coalson produced the composite work at his studio in the United Kingdom. The digital images were printed by The Studio, a fine art printmaking agency in Phoenix, and installed in custom frame structures by FM Solutions, the interior design firm handling the office build-out.

Ron Cooper, former CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, conveyed CCOA’s delight with the results. “We commissioned Nat to capture a set of unique images of a rather mundane subject: outdoor billboards. We wanted something that was consistent with our brand–colorful, exciting, high impact, and easy to identify, but less ‘literal’ than a typical head-on photograph of a billboard. Nat delivered a creative and clever interpretation of our ‘product’ that is now an integral part of the new corporate office decor.”

Like CCOA’s billboards, the finished artworks are high-impact visual graphics with “stopping power”. The art also integrates perfectly with the office decor and reinforces the consistent brand image CCOA has cultivated. Sample images and photographs of the artwork installation are available for viewing online at


Nathaniel Coalson is an international visual artist working in photography and mixed media. Originally from Colorado, USA and now living in the United Kingdom, Nat has worked professionally in design, photography, digital imaging and printing since 1987. His work has been exhibited extensively, received numerous awards and is held in private and corporate collections. He is the author of many photography-related books including Nature Photography Photo Workshop and Lightroom: Streamlining your Digital Photography Process published by Wiley. For more information, contact Nat Coalson by telephone at 720-936-1015 (USA) or 07557 672217 (UK) or by email to [email protected].

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