Ignes Fatui Exhibit 2013

"Waiting for Dawn" Abstract photograph made inside the Little Castle at Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire, England. Features bright streaks of white, swirling over subtly tinted fields of blue and black in the background. Prints available in any size, on any material. Also available as hand embellished Limited Original. For details and pricing, please click the Purchase link above.During November 2013, we’re presenting a solo exhibition of Nat’s abstract, mixed media works in Leicester, England. The exhibit will be held over a period of two weeks, commencing with a reception at the historic Belmont Hotel in Leicester on Saturday 9th November. Then, beginning Tuesday 12th November, the show will hang at the Pedestrian Gallery in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. The exhibit concludes Monday 25th November. Read the press release

Ignes Fatui: The Light Beckons

Abstract Works by Nat Coalson
9th-25th November, 2013

Ignes Fatui
Noun, plural [ig-neez fach-oo-ai]
(Singular: Ignus Fatuus)

"The Spirit of Cavendish" by Nat Coalson. Abstract photograph made at Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire, England. Features light, transparent washes of color interlaced with fabric-like textures. Abstract art makes a great accent for all contemporary interiors! To order this artwork, please click the Purchase link above.1. A flitting phosphorescent light seen at night, mainly over marshy ground. Also called will-o’-the-wisp, friar’s lantern and jack-o’-lantern.
2. Something deluding or misleading that lures a person on.

A work of abstract art invites the viewer to interpret the picture for themselves. Looking at abstract imagery can become very personal as the imagery triggers memories, inspires emotions and asks more questions than it answers. Our experiences, preferences and preconceptions come into play as the mind yearns to make logical sense of colours, shapes and textures that seem strangely familiar…yet somehow remain just beyond the grasp of true comprehension. The appreciation of an abstract work of art is enhanced through an awareness of feelings, rather than seeking to draw concrete conclusions.

This inspiring exhibit presents eighteen large-format abstract works on canvas by American artist Nat Coalson. Many of the works in this exhibit are being shown publicly for the first time.

View all the images selected for the exhibition here >

"Matador" by Nat Coalson. Abstract photograph, archival pigment print on canvas, hand embellished with acrylic. Available as Limited Original in any size. Contact us for pricing.Over many years, Nat has developed a distinctive artistic vision and an unusual creative process. Nat travels the world making photographs in picturesque locations. He creates many images at iconic landmarks such as castles and historic estates as well as in natural settings. For the Ignes Fatui series, each image is captured with a high-resolution digital camera using long exposures. Nat seeks to create each picture as completely as possible within the camera. Following a rigorous editing process, the selected captures are printed on museum-grade canvas. The prints are given a protective coating and mounted onto wooden stretcher bars. Nat then hand-embellishes each canvas, overpainting the prints using clear acrylic paints, gloss gels and texturing mediums. Some contain suspended glass beads, lava flakes, synthetic fibres and other materials.

This unique process yields one-of-a-kind, mixed media artworks with incredible texture, depth and vibrant colour. You simply must see these enchanting works, up close and in person!

Read Nat’s artist statement for this exhibit >

All works exhibited in this show are available for purchase.

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Exhibit Dates

Tuesday, 12th November thru Monday, 25th November
Exhibit at Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester, United Kingdom

Thursday, 14th November, 5.30 pm – 9 pm
Reception and Artist Talk at Pedestrian

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