Anima Astratto: Journey into Perception

Abstract Mixed Media by Nat Coalson

St James Hotel, Nottingham, United Kingdom

14th November 2014 – 3rd January 2015

Abstract Photograph: Matador by Nat Coalson

Abstract art opens the mind to wonder and inquiry, inviting the viewer to make their own interpretations and draw their own conclusions. Abstraction becomes personal for each individual who views it.

In this retrospective exhibition, American artist Nat Coalson presents a collection of mixed media works derived from his vast archives of abstract photographs, created over a period of nine years at locations around the world.

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These abstract images capture only the essential characteristics of each subject as it interacts with reflected light. Some are ‘straight’ closeup photographs; others were created by sweeping the camera during long exposures. In all, the elimination of recognisable detail leaves only the impressions of color and shape, often with ethereal effect.

Nat explains, ”Most of the time when I’m photographing, I want to make pictures that look nothing like the thing I pointed my camera at.” The exhibit title, ‘abstract soul’ in Italian, also reflects Nat’s love of language and international culture.

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For this collection—presented for the first time at the St James Hotel—each photograph was digitally printed onto museum-grade canvas using archival pigment inks. Nat then embellished each canvas by hand, overpainting with transparent acrylic and texturing gel. Some works contain exotic materials such as lava flakes, glass beads and iridescent flakes. Through this unique process, which Nat has refined over many years, each work is one-of-a-kind. They display texture, depth and impact resembling original paintings.

All works in the show are available for purchase. Nat’s art is perfectly suited as fine decor for a wide range of contemporary interiors and bespoke commissions are also available.

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Abstract book

Nat's book "Astratto Uno" features over 150 abstract photographs made over a period of nine years. You can get it in printed format or as a downloadable PDF.
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“Nat's abstract art is amazing. He has an eye and talent to make beautiful abstract art work that can transform any decor. A rare talent indeed.” –Gigi Embrechts, Professional Photographer, Belgium and USA
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