Designer Spotlight: Jenni Jane Hellstern

Jenni Jane Hellstern

Jenni Jane Hellstern – Courtesy of Studio 11 Design, Credit: Laura Morsman Photography

I recently met Jenni Jane Hellstern at an event sponsored by the NEWH United Kingdom. An American interior designer who recently relocated to the UK, Jenni Jane was named as one of Boutique Design’s Boutique 18 for 2016 so I was thrilled when she graciously accepted my invitation for an interview. Her experience and insight are inspiring for many people developing careers in the creative fields, especially hospitality design.

First, please tell us about your current job role(s) as a hospitality designer?

For the last 2-1/2 years I have been an Interior Designer for Studio 11 Design, based in Dallas, Texas. Studio 11 Design has provided me with some incredible projects to be a part of and I wouldn’t be the designer I am today without the experience I’ve gained through working with them.

I recently relocated to the UK from Dallas, my hometown, to help expand the company into the European market. I’ve been here about 8 weeks and loving it, although it’s been a challenging adjustment!

My interview on Take & Talk Pics


Rob Krueger at Take & Talk Pics and I recently recorded a conversation in which we talked about about ‪‎art‬‪‎photography‬, business‬ and life‬.

If you’d like to find out more about my work, my background and philosophy listen to the 30-minute recording here.

Designer Spotlight: Pat Miller of Leo A Daly

Pat-MillerPatricia Miller
Leo A Daly

Corporate Director of Hospitality
Managing Principal, Dallas

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Pat Miller of Leo A Daly about her work and the firm’s leading role in international hospitality design.

An acknowledged industry leader with an exceptional talent for design, management and client relationship building, Pat possesses more than three decades of experience in many facets of interior design.

Pat Miller is an industry leader in hospitality design with a rare ability to develop innovative solutions to the financing, teaming and problem solving needs of developers, REITs and hotel companies. Over the course of 30 years, she has developed a reputation as a valued resource and confidant in the creation of solutions for hospitality opportunities and is often asked by repeat clients to write complete programs. Under Pat’s leadership, Leo A Daly has been consistently recognized by top-tier hospitality magazines as one of the leading design and architectural firms in the industry.

NC (Nat Coalson): Can we first talk a bit about your role within Leo A Daly; I understand the scope of your job was recently expanded?

PM (Pat Miller): I wear many different hats in the company. The foremost is the Corporate Director of Hospitality for the company as a whole. I set company strategy on how we’ll do business in the hospitality industry as it relates to architecture, interior design and engineering. I oversee pretty much every hospitality project we have.

My second role—which is pretty daunting also—is the Managing Principal of the Dallas office.

These two roles have everything to do with hospitality, which allows me to be focused.


Interview for Asian Hospitality

AH-FEATURE-Art-in-HotelsAsian Hospitality magazine recently interviewed me for an article about how hotel owners and operators can improve the art in their hotels.

Read the article here >

Designer Spotlight: Kevin Grima, Harrison

Kevin Grima, Harrison

Kevin Grima, Harrison

I recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the work of Kevin Grima, a lead interior designer with Harrison. I love his work on the interiors for the Windmill Hotel. (See more Windmill photos here.)

Harrison is an international design firm headquartered in the UK with offices in the US. From the Harrison web site:

“Established in 1990, Harrison has the critical mass, skills base and flexibility to develop highly individual and successful hospitality retail designs as well as international branded offers with a broad scale rollout programme.

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi

More specifically, our services include:

  • Brand positioning, creation and evolution
  • Brand design and development
  • Master planning
  • Space planning
  • Full project management

We like to think we are different from our competitors because we spend a great deal of time with our clients, understanding their ethos, their business journey and their ambitions for the future.”

Here’s what Kevin had to say about his work for leading clients in hospitality.


Designer Spotlight: Yohandel Ruiz, RTKL Associates

Yohandel Ruiz, Senior Associate, RTKL

Yohandel Ruiz, Senior Associate, RTKL

Continuing my series of features about prominent interior designers working in hospitality, this installment I’m thrilled to present my interview with Yohandel Ruiz.

He’s a Senior Associate interior designer (LEED AP) with RTKL who has been described as “an energetic and highly creative member of RTKL’s Miami team”.

Yohandel has a background in interior architecture and FF&E with expertise in hospitality, residential and cruise ship projects. He has designed solutions for all facets of commercial and residential interiors, from complete hotel environments and luxury residences to custom furniture. Quoting an article from Cumberland Furniture, “Yohandel has developed a reputation for his ability to bring harmony to disparate elements and unity to contrasting materials.”

Having lived in Miami for over 25 years, Yohandel draws his inspiration from the city and has a vibrant passion for his work. He states, “I’m compulsive about design—about details, about making sure all the pieces fit together to make a cohesive and compelling space.”

Please feel free to share your comments, questions and suggestions at the end of the article.

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Designer Spotlight: 1point0

Warren Gyulay and Diane Paz - 1point0 Interior Design Consultants

Warren Gyulay and Diane Paz, 1point0

Warren Gyulay and Diane Paz are co-founders of 1point0, a boutique interior design firm based in Toronto, Canada.

I first met Diane and Warren in autumn 2013 at HD Americas in Miami and was impressed with both their professionalism and engaging personalities. We shared a very enjoyable evening of eating, drinking and talking at length about interior design, the hospitality industry and (of course) art and photography.

The duo have produced many highly successful interiors projects during their respective careers. Today, as an entrepreneurial team, they are overcoming challenges not only related to meeting client requirements but also in managing and growing their design business.

In this article, Diane and Warren share their background and experience, business insights and creative process. Interior designers—both professionals and students—will find their story helpful and inspiring.

Please feel free to share your comments, questions and suggestions at the end of the article.

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