Nat's work now represented by DAC

DAC Art ConsultingWe’re excited to announce that Nat’s art and photography is now being represented by DAC Art Consulting, one of the premier art consulting firms based in the U.S.

DAC has been serving the art consulting needs of the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors since 1982 and has a long tradition of developing creative artistic solutions that provide a customized setting for every client.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, DAC works with both U.S. and international clients.

Click here to visit the DAC web site

Tip for Choosing Art: Using Line and Shape

Springtime in the Peak DistrictLike color, the lines and shapes in a work of art convey strong emotional cues to a viewer.

When you’re selecting artwork for a particular room, pay special attention to the mood you want to create within the space. Choose art that supports those feelings.

For example, if you want to add energy to a space, consider artwork using a vertical (or ‘portrait’) orientation and diagonal lines. Angles within a picture carry lots of visual energy and can strongly direct the viewer’s eye.

You can even position lines within artwork so people will look at other elements within your interior design scheme, like furniture and drapery.

On the other hand, if you want the art to have a peaceful, calming effect, avoid angular jagged lines. Instead go for visuals with more rounded, smooth and flowing graphics. A horizontal (‘landscape’) orientation can also emphasize calmness and stability.

When you’re looking at art, pay attention to the way an image makes you feel. Then evaluate the graphics in the picture. In no time, you’ll be able to quickly identify the best pictures for specific moods.

Get lots more tips on choosing art in our free design guide Mixing Art & Matching Moods

New partnership with HG Arts

HG Arts LogoInterior designers working in hospitality now have a new resource for using my fine art photography in hotel interiors!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently begun a new partnership with HG Arts, based in Orlando, Florida, to provide more exciting, original artwork for the hospitality industry.

The new collection, available exclusively through HG Arts, currently features nineteen of my fine art photographs selected specifically for inclusion in hospitality projects. Going forward, new images will be regularly added to the collection.

To see the work and get more details, click here to visit

New Brochure Available

Nat-Coalson-Brochure-2013-Cover-336pxWe’ve just released a new brochure in PDF format. This comprehensive, 8 page booklet is 8×10 inches and encapsulates all the most important things to know about Nat Coalson Fine Art + Design and how we help designers and art buyers. Includes three full pages of sample images. You can download the PDF now, which contains interactive links, to view on screen or print yourself. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments! Click to download

New Representation: Graphic Encounter

Nat Coalson Art at Graphic EncounterIt’s not often that I allow outside entities to represent my work; this is a change. Recently, after several discussions with Ron Golbus and his team at Graphic Encounter, I’ve decided to partner with them to represent my photography and mixed media work for select projects.

Since 1970, Graphic Encounter has provided artworks for hotels, hospitality, healthcare, corporate offices and many other commercial projects, and I am thrilled that they are now representing my abstract photography, abstract mixed media and travel photography works. Graphic Encounter represents a very wide range of art styles, genres and installation types, check out their web site.

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