Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

Family ski condo brought to life by Nat’s alpine nature photography

2013—Summit County, Colorado

“Seeing the works hanging all around the place reminds us of the mountains we love and brings a sense of coherence to the decor. Nat was extremely helpful putting it all together and we’ll enjoy his work for years to come.” –Brian Steele

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The Steele family of Denver, Colorado purchased a new ski condo in Frisco, surrounded by many of Colorado’s best-loved ski resorts. As a brand new build, the condo would feature a contemporary mountain design aesthetic with a high standard of finish.

Mr. Steele was looking to buy a set of fine art photographic prints to decorate the condo. And he sweetened the idea by making it a thoughtful Christmas gift for his wife.

Yellow Leaf in BarkA match made in high-country heaven

Mr. Steele found Nat’s work through the search engines, and while browsing our web site he made an initial selection of about a dozen potential images. The selected pictures all featured an alpine theme, in perfect alignment with the condo’s locale and style. (Most of the photographs were made in Colorado, with a few nature closeups from the forests of Wyoming.)

In his original message sent through the contact form on our web site, Mr. Steele explained his interest in the work and asked for our advice on

  • the best image selections for the property,
  • optimal print sizes for the walls,
  • mounting/framing options and, of course,
  • pricing.

Nat soon discussed the options with Mr. Steele in a phone call, at which point a plan began to take shape.

Power at your fingertips

To start, Nat created a private Lightbox on our web site. Anyone visiting our site can make an unlimited number of Lightboxes, which are incredibly useful for saving favorite selections and grouping images for specific projects. Nat-Coalson-Steele-Art-Plan

Using the Lightbox, Mr. Steele could review and refine selections of images with the ability to rank and sort the pictures according to his preferences.

The work done in this behind-the-scenes image gallery informed the rest of the selection process and, during several rounds of editing, Mr. Steele and Nat agreed on the ideal set of images to be used for the project.

Seeing into the future

Nat then offered to produce a set of digital renderings to realistically pre-visualize how the art would look in different locations throughout the condo—we do this for many of our projects.

However, since the unit was not yet built, actual photographs were not available. Mr. Steele provided a floor plan of the condo-to-be, along with some photos of the demo unit, which used the same style and finish as the Steeles’ new unit would have.

But since the photos were not well-suited for renderings, we took a different approach to visualization. Using the floor plan, Nat created a composite mockup that identified the location of each selected image. From the dimensions of the plan, the final artwork sizes were specified.

Nat-Coalson-Steele-Frame-StylesPicture perfect presentation

Next we turned our attention to the style of printing and framing. Nat recommended that some of the prints would be fine art canvases, mounted in top-quality frames, while others would be plaque-mounted photographic prints.

Nat made his recommendations for each print based on the characteristics of each image. For the canvas pieces, Mr. Steele was able to choose the frames he liked best using digital photos of the available frame moldings.

Plaque mounting is a finishing technique where the print is laminated to rigid MDF board with a choice of backing mounts that can be hung on the wall in a variety of ways. For this project, float mounts were selected for the plaque prints, which allowed the print to stand off the wall. This frameless presentation technique provides a very contemporary look by omitting the frame, while also greatly reducing glare because there is no glass. The finished artworks are durable and long-lasting. For examples, see the images below.

Sending bits and bytes around the world

Nat made production arrangements with our preferred suppliers in Northern Colorado: Fine Print Imaging and their sister company, Colorado Frames, with DuraPlaq producing the plaque mounted pieces. These vendors were chosen not only for their excellent work, but also their proximity to the delivery/install location.

Nat-Coalson-Steele-Gift-CertificateWith final client approval of the project specifications, Nat submitted the order to the print vendors via the Internet. Using FTP transfer, Nat was able to send the very high resolution images to the printers in Colorado from his home in England.

The gifting day

When the order was complete, we provided a custom Gift Certificate to Mr. Steele for him to give his wife on Christmas. She was surprised and thrilled with the gift and loved the images!

The Steele family took final delivery of their new artworks a few weeks after Christmas; installation in the condo was done following completion of construction later in the year.

Below are photos Mr. Steele provided of the finished installation.

Nat-Coalson-Steele-Living-GoG Nat-Coalson-Steele-Hallway-San-Juans Nat-Coalson-Steele-Hallway-Aspen-Leaf Nat-Coalson-Steele-Bedroom-1 Nat-Coalson-Steele-Dining-Aspens Nat-Coalson-Steele-Bedroom-2

Everyone can own custom art

This project is a good illustration of our ability to produce custom art projects to match any requirements and specifications.

It also demonstrates the power of remote collaboration and project development: Mr. Steele was able to fulfill his wishes for the artwork using our web site while all communication took place using email and telephone.

With Nat’s vast library of digital images, you too can have custom artwork made to perfectly fit your space. We can work with any size project and any size budget.

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Art lovers are talking…

“Wow, what a talent! It seems trite, but Nat has opened my eyes to abstract photography. Highly recommended.” –Efrain Cruz, President, Illuminate Workshops, Denver, Colorado, USA
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Abstract book

Nat's book "Astratto Uno" features over 150 abstract photographs made over a period of nine years. You can get it in printed format or as a downloadable PDF.
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