Astratto Uno

Click to Preview BookThis book, my first publication of purely abstract works, presents a collection of over 150 of my favorite photographs made between 2003 and 2012. I made these pictures at various, and dramatically different, locations around the world.

The aim of my abstract work is to find pictures, as much or more than I create them. This immerses me in the environment and makes every situation a potential scene for making new imagery.

All the pictures are straight photographs, each made with a single capture—none are composites or blends of multiple exposures. Some images use in-camera techniques such as moving the camera during the exposure; others are long exposures of moving subjects while the camera remains stationary. Many of the pictures feature still subjects photographed just as they are, and although some photographs are made from a relatively close distance, none are true macro photography. In the end, all the pictures in this book received only minimal digital processing, such as minor contrast and color enhancement, cropping and retouching.

The book is available in two formats:

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