Abstract Nature Photograph: Flow III by Nat CoalsonLet’s make life beautiful.

Art can reflect who you are. What’s more, it can shape you. Our environments have a huge influence on how we feel. So why not surround yourself with beauty?

Make my art your own

I’m Nat Coalson, an American artist with operations based in Colorado and England. I create custom artworks for homes and businesses.

I use a combination of digital and traditional processes. All the works begin as photographs. Many are then embellished with paint, resin, foil and many other materials. Some are on canvas; others are mounted to metal, wood, fabric and other exotic substrates. I’m a designer at heart and love working with a smorgasbord of materials.

I design these mixed media artworks specifically as decor for contemporary living spaces and commercial interiors.  (My favorite projects are creating custom art for hotels and other hospitality properties.)

My art is about individual exploration, discovery and growth, driven by curiosity and questioning. I make art that inspires. Art that makes you think.

Abstract art is all about personal interpretation. So although my work is truly an expression of who I am, it’s also art that reflects who you are.

Personal. Individual. Independent. Subjective.

Nat-Coalson-Portrait-St-James-Opening-800pxArt is life

When you want the most from life, art isn’t an afterthought. It’s intrinsic. Essential. So this is my world… connecting with yours.

This is living, made lovelier. Thanks for being here.


Do you have any questions about my art? Want to discuss a project? I’d love to hear from you.

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Abstract book

Nat's book "Astratto Uno" features over 150 abstract photographs made over a period of nine years. You can get it in printed format or as a downloadable PDF.
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People are talking…

“Nat Coalson is a truly gifted artist that has passion, insight, and creativity that is reflected in his work. In my case, I chose a photograph for my mountain property that depicts a natural setting. This piece is very creative and gives me the feeling of peace and serenity while maintaining an interest and curiosity. I am very pleased with my choice and look forward to purchasing more work from Nat's collection into the future.” - Betsy Berlin, Eagle, Colorado
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